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  • Yeah no tracking number. Man why didn't I think of that. Sorry I was just so excited. LOL
    Other options..hmm..boi/chem medical related stuff, if not pharmacy. Decisions, decisions! Tbh, once I get a degree and have settled down, I'd love to study Islam (and even improve on my arabic) InshAllah.

    I also want to travel! Eygpt's on my list ;) Lol

    Aww thank you, that's very sweet of you :hearts:
    umm I don't know lol. I got a receipt hopefully i didn't throw it away. LOL I will check. The lady said 5 to 10 days so i sent it last Thursday, so it should be there by this Thursday. This is just my guesstimate Lol.
    Sweet? Aww im glad you liked it :D

    How was your day?

    And oh im so sorry for this delayed reply :$ hope u can forgive me inshaAllah :):

    Love u always morer :D ;)

    x x x
    Wassalaam :D
    Asalamu Alaikum, Alhamdulillah I am well and you? Miss you as well and I can't wait for you to get your little something something LOL. I think you will get it the day before Eid Insha Allah. Salamz
    assalaamu alaykum sis :D:D

    hahahaha no actually it ain't like an ice cube...well not for the moment :D:D i feel its near though :D:D
    loooooool thats a funny story :D:D:D i wish i could see it hahaha i wouldve laughed! :D:D
    well 13 degrees is spring here :D:D theres even ppl who only wear t-shirts and stuff at that temperature :D
    yees you're right..patience is the key :D:D but then for how long :eek: :D arghh i hate studies :D:D

    may Allah al wadood love you :hearts:
    love u too fillah ukhti
    wa salaaaaam :D:D:D
    It's ok dear, no problem. Nothing wrong w offline messages, the 1st one was my fault, deleted it by mistake. The second, not sure. As for tomorrow, I may have guests after iftar,so the later the better. lol Anyway, I'll send u an offline msg when they're gone inshaAllah. Salam
    salam alaikum sis, hope u'r ok. Actually I didn't get ur last offline msg and of course kept waiting. Is anything wrong?? Hope everything is fine inshaAllah. Happy Eid
    Yep, yorkshire is a very beautiful, Alhamdolilah, covered in greenery :)
    Oh New Castle, cool, people there have great accents. Wow pharmacy, I may just be doing that next year! I study Bio n Chem. ;)
    Well asains also use it, although not very many, it's a name I'd love to call my daughter iA. :hijabi:
    Wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullah sis :D:D:D:D
    oh wowwwwwwwwww 25 degrees? i wish i could go there :D:D wwould you ever want to try the canadian cold? :D
    hmm uni is very boring :D i study biomedical :( i wish i was a housewife :D no studies no homework no research no labs aaaaaaaaaaah :eek: :D:D ok ill stop dreaming :D:D
    jazaakillahu khayran auntie is ok alhamdulillah, shes waiting for the results inshaAllah that will come in a few days!
    Love u sisss :hearts:
    wa salaam :D:D:D:D
    Alhamdolilah, I am also well. Aha, so what do you study? Yeh Eid :D
    I don't mind you asking lol, i'm from Yorkshire, Alhamdolilah, Where abouts do they live?
    Btw, Maha's a beautiful name, I love it, but I didn't know arabs also used it as a name :)
    Walaykumasalaam :)

    Lol the only two girls there, representin the Hijaabi's ;)

    So how are you sister?
    Did you get it yet? LOL... You shall see whether it is pink or not Insha Allah. HEhehehehe.... Well I hope we can talk during break Insha Allah... Love you...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo SAlam....
    wa Alaikum salaam dear sister:D
    aaawwww.....subhanaAllah! that is soo soo soo sweettt....awww
    may the one for His sake you love me love you dearly, and may He make us amongst those who are shaded in His throne on a day there is no shade!ameen,ameen,ameen
    inshaAllah hun, I would LOVE to know you too seem ver lovely:D stay bless sweetheart:D
    wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullah sis :D:D:D

    oh wow! the best weather?? mashallah many degrees? :D:D
    So you go to university too? :D what do you study there sis if you dont mind me asking! :D
    im ok too alhamdulillah, i didnt sleep well last night i had to go with an auntie to the hospital and it spoiled my sleep :D:D but alhamdulillah
    yes of course sis ill give you my msn id inshallah
    im gonna send you a message right now :D
    wa anti min ahli ljaza' habibti.
    wa salaam
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