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    Have you ever been in Love

    Salam Can I ask if the original writings were NOT in English? Perhaps something did not translate well, because what is actually WRITTEN is easily read as being summarized by "Love is bad".
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    Have you ever been in Love

    Salam Soo, according to this posting, men are not allowed to love their wives? ~~~~~~~~~ Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (10/185): If a man is in love with a woman, even if she is permissible for him, his heart remains enslaved to her, and she...
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    Zakat & taxes (USA specific)

    Assalam aliekum I am wondering, if I donated my zakat to a legitimate charity, and they give me a charitable donation form to file with my taxes (thereby reducing my income tax liability) - is this allowable? Or do I have to pay additional zakat in order to make-up the tax discount I am...
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    Why many muslims prefer housewife?

    Salam However, if all women stayed at home as housewives, then men would be teaching your daughters...then men would be delivering your babies and doing gyno checks on your wives and daughters....then men would be measuring your wives and daughters for clothing....then they would HAVE to speak...
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    The Muslim Cabbie Who Saved Christmas

    Salam I first saw this on Yahoo News - so it DID make the main page when it happened.
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    Salam The same thing was noticed after the tsunami several years ago - most churches and mosques were still left standing. I believe it is because (especially in poorer countries) many of these houses of worship are built by (or the building was sponsored by) benefactors with money...
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    "The Women have to wear Niqab because the Muslims are perverts"

    Salam With all due respect, your math is incorrect. The website specifically states what you put in brackets {(0.733089 per 1,000 people) women rape victims} = that means, in order to get the 733 rape victims you calculated, you would need 1,000,000 people. The website is NOT reporting...
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    Ruling on buying and keeping fashion magazines

    Salam And just to point out, NOT ALL fashion magazines are for "Western" clothing - there are tons of magazines that are sold in Kuwait from all over the world, showcasing fashions from lots of different areas. There are at least 6 Arabic fashion magazines sold in my local grocery store.
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    BBC: Muslim Driving School

    Salam Do you mean to say the girl with niqab is learning to drive with her niqab? It is illegal in Kuwait and some other gulf countries for women to drive with niqab ever since Oman did a study and found that a woman's peripheral vision was nearly 50% reduced by niqab. Driving is a...
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    Earthquake in Haiti

    Salam Did you read the article? This is very common, especially in poor countries. If they get supplies, they have to sort through it, figure out what they have, then figure out how to divide it up. They don't have the manpower, trucks, or ability to do this in Haiti - the country was...
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    Earthquake in Haiti

    Salam Just an interesting link....this website has an article about the growth of Islam in Haiti (it is a couple years old).
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    Earthquake in Haiti

    Salam According to what I looked up (I knew very little about Haiti), 80% claim to be Roman Catholic, however, it also said that over 50% also claim to believe/use voodoo (so, by those statistics, a lot of them "believe" in both). Perhaps by having lots of Muslims offering aid and...
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    ear piercing...

    Salam Personally, I absolutely hate seeing people pierce babies ears - I think the children should be old enough to make that decision themselves, and old enough to care for them. I have seen too many babies with infected ears, or that grab and pull at earrings, causing themselves pain...
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    Earthquake in Haiti

    Assalam aliekum If you have not heard the news, the island of Haiti (already the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and one of the poorest in the world) was devastated by an earthquake and on-going aftershocks today. Nearly all buildings are affected - either destroyed or weakened so...
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    Women who wear burkas and niqabs on the street in France face fines of £700

    Salam And by their own statistics, they said there are only about 400 women in France that regularly wear a face-covering. So they are doing all this for 400 women out of a population of 62 million?? Talk about bad politicians - what a waste of time and money!