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  • This is my responsbility, and I only want you to be happy, and in jannah tul firdos, with the best of people, wearing the best of clothes, drinking the best of drinks, and eating the best of foods.
    And I love you alot more, and i ask Allah that my soul meets your soul in jannah tul firdos. Aameen.

    Don't ever cry thinking you are alone, because Allah is always there, so become close to Him, and you will only fly through life, in eagreness to meet Him.
    You are deserving only of beautiful du'as, because you are one of Allah's creatures, so pure and beautiful, for your heart remembers Allah!!
    Walaikumu salamz sis
    im good and u? thnnkxx for dropping by n saying salamzzz :D makes me feel soo special u know :D haha

    luv u sistaaaa :)
    LOL! :D


    hey ama go do my h/w for the tym bein hun, will be back late inshaALlah so hardly anyones online :p then we can chat in peace. too many ppls on :s my mind is a blurrr LOl

    Love u always lol was gona say love u now n alwya sLol

    wa alaikom assalam
    sorry sweetie , I've MSN problems :( I dunno what's wrong with it
    it was nice 2 talk 2 u .. C u ..
    Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! (how dare you scare me!) lol

    Assalam alykum.
    hehe! sorry I must have been on MSN and not seen your VM.
    Alhamdulilah I'm doing great :D

    How are youuuuuuuu Rukkkkiiii? lol
    Take Care!

    wa alykum salaam. :)
    As-salamu alaikum dear,
    Too bad you're not feeling well.Same goes for me, but alhamdulillah we're definitely far better than many others. We have to be patient sis and accept whatever is predestined for us. Remember that with every hardship there is ease inshAllah, if not in this dunya, then certainly in the hereafter. Best wishes & Salam
    Eid Mubarak for you too, dear sis. Hope you're getting better inshaAllah. Why don't I see u often these days?? Wish you all the best. Salam Alaikom
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