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  • its 06:53am as we speak lool :D
    i went to bed early andd woke up early lol, i got plenty of rest Alhumdulillah :)

    im appearing offline on tti and msn too lool :D
    how u keeping..? i think im gona go now anyway

    take care
    luvya sister

    loOoOoOoOoll...ahahah.. not that many :D
    Alhumdulillah! lool, or else i wdnt knnow wat to do lol, 3 wedding to go to lol, but they're all firsst relatives lol :D

    hey make du'a for me please.. im kinda revising.. pls :)
    loOoOOll.. yeh u can have food BUT... but but but.. mon- fri i have my exams for continuous 2 weeks right.. and in those two weekneds they felt like getting married!
    :angrybllue: not faaiiirr!! lol

    oh well, i wont be gooing.. i wd rather pass my exams lol :D
    good guess tho :)
    oohh no sweet sister it is my duty to tell my sister what is good and bad.i hope you did not mind it .
    Wa alaykumu salaammm sis!!

    Im soooooooorryy for the late reply, i was studying :( and i didnt even study much loll im too lazy i guess
    how are you doin today? inshaAllah i hope we will speak on msn

    nope lol i didnt really cook, i made a sandwich again i have no appetite because of studies and all the stress loll subhanaallah
    did you cook anything sis? loll

    you didnt mess up my thread sis youre free to write whatever you want in it LOLLL dont be sorry inshallah you did nothing wrong and your niyyah was good anyways so you dont have to apologize inshaAllah :D

    I love you ukhtiii!
    huge hhuggggss

    wa salamu alaykum
    Wa'alikum Salaam Wa'rehmatullah, sister.

    I don't really get when people put up something like it on their about me sections. I mean I would never be able to assume anything about that person seeing such a thing written in funny mood. But may be it's just me then. Never mind.

    You too take care, Insha'Allah,
    Wa'salaam sis
    Wa'alikum Salaam Wa'rehmatullah,

    Barak Allah feekum, sister.
    Exactly! Quite a few fake ones. And, it's so annoying to see them use this wonderful 'Muslim' title. May Allah keep us all safe from evil of such people. Ameen.

    Your Biography I have just read is quit funny. Lol.

    Wa'salaam sis
    Wa'alikum Salaam Wa'rehmatullahi Wa'barakatuhu, sister.

    I didn't even visit that website properly when I visited it - I just quickly saw whether it had given the Tafseer-e-Quran or not. Actually the first one,, was so useful that I didn't pay full attention to the second one and replied you back. May Allah bless the bro/sis who alreted us all. Nevertheless, I think, non of us Alhamudlillah was unintelligent enough to use that website in future when they would have seen the description of 'Ahmadiyya' cult.

    Of course, no apology was needed, sister. But let's try to be more careful in future, Insha'Allah. It was a wake up call for us both. :)
    Salam Alakyum sister,

    Please don't appologise, that wasn't the reason to send you the message. There are many such webistes out there so one has to be a bit careful where he is getting the information from. Not sure why the thread was closed, could be because of some other reason. And Allah knows best!

    Wa Alakyum Salam
    Salam Alakyum sister,

    The site you refered to in one of your posts is a Qadiyian website and they are not considered Muslims as they dont recognise Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last and the final Prophet, which is quite clearly against the Quran which states that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the seal of the Prophethood. If you have got any doubts about Qadiyians please don't hesitate to ask.

    Salam Alakyum,
    Sup??.. nuin much homie ;)
    Gee,.... talk about old school lol

    i wish maaannn.... Gee,.. i have like soo many weddings to attend and guess what....?!
    lOoOoOll, if u dont like it i wont call u it sister :)
    actually i will :tongue: lool :D

    Wierd..? i hope in a +ve way :)
    Im gud Alhumdulillah and things are... Uuurrmm... well ok i guess, Alhumdulillah :)
    darn it!
    oook, I will agree with you since it's summer over here:D and I wud eat lots of ice cream:D
    wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullah dear sissssssster hieukyy!! : ) : )

    Ohh mashaAllah thats good at least your mum knows. theres sisters who have to hide if they want to wear hijab :(

    loooooool if im going to make a wonderful wife Allahu a'lam. InshaAllah i just hope ill be ok loll....
    ameen to your duas and may Allah give you a pious and wonderful husband. may Allah give you all thats best for you

    hmmm today im not too much into food lolll im feeling a bit down i guess, i have no real appetite :( i miss food :D:D:D alhamdulillahi ala kulli haal

    loll the ambulance didnt come!! u sure u called it?? :D:D

    ok sis ill leave you to it inshallah i have to sleep :(
    inshaAllah we will speak tomorrow
    take care dear sister (L) i love you lootss
    good night and sweet dreammmss

    wa salamu alaykum
    yepppy, every kid is a happy kid:D making the adults happy as well:D:D:D:D
    o0oh, inshaAllah, we'll be BUDDIES dear ukhtii:D
    I am ubah,
    nice to meet u
    *shaking ur hands*lool
    Allah hafiz nw and always:D
    WaAlaikum Assalaam warahmatuAllah wabarakatuh:):)
    dear sister, I am doing well AlhamduliAllah:D
    I smiled ALOOT today,lol....I hope u did too:D aint that a happy baby??:D
    hw r u dear???iam crazy I shud have asked that b4:D:Dlool,
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