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  • Salaam sis,

    You just made me laugh! :) May Allah bless you for making me smile :D I've been caught up with assignments and school :( But yes, we should catch up like very very very soon too ;)
    lol...hahahahahahah....... turtle typing... :lol: :lol:

    NoOoOoOo worries inshaAllah, chill... its cool :D
    I know lol its my bed time when you're free lol .... inshaAllah i'll stay awake a lil longer so we can char properly eh? :)

    SoOo much fun talking to you sister, really i was laughing so much yesterday lol :D
    Hope ur having a great time in school right now :)

    LooOll i now know u wud never ignore me *hug* :D :D
    Take care sister.

    I love you for Allahs sake :)
    Salaam dear sister :)

    I just saw your post about wearing the hijaab!!! MasyAllah, I am excited for you by just reading your post! must have been a good feeling right? :D And masyaAllah, you are one strong person especially being the only muslim in the family! Hey, if you need anything, just nudge me on msn and insyaAllah I'll try whatever little ways I can to help you ;)


    Salaam Sis,

    No worries about it :) We'll talk again soon insyaAllah! I was really sleepy last night hehe..
    hey sorry i had to leave on msn like that.. im kinda not feeling too good. :(
    Take care hope we can chat some other time inshaAllah.

    LUv u sister
    Salam o Alakyum sister,

    Sorry, thats exactly what I meant, 'Not leaving TTI'... Hopefully there are no mistakes this time round,

    Salam Alakum
    Salaam dear :)

    Sorry about yesterday too.. I was also sick (like you lol but from caffeine hangover. wat about you?) so I was asleep I think when you messaged. Hope that you are well now insyaAllah? :) Take care!
    Salam o Alakyum sister,

    Its nice to hear you are not leaving TTI, yeah I have to agree its addictive.

    Apologies again

    Salam Alakyum
    Wa Alakyum Salam Sister,

    No, I don't think so that is the case. You have posted some valuable threads in the past, so keep up the good work.

    Jazakallah Khair,

    Salam Alakyum.
    Salam Alakyum Sister,

    What makes you feel you are not welcomed here. You have contributed some many benefitical posts, why do you want to quit.

    Salam Alakyum.
    Salaam Sister,

    Good to hear that you are well alhamdulillah! :) And about making your decision... yeah, make sure you think it through because to use it 'part-time' isn't exactly that good if you know what I mean :S I hope Allah makes it easy for you insyaAllah! Stay :SMILY346: ukhti ;)

    Salaam dear sister,

    How's things holding up? Everything alright there I hope? PM me if you need anything insyaAllah :)

    Hehe ok I replied to your PM...

    And about my reasons... will let you know on msn ;) hehe,

    It is about 8pm there now? Anyway, will talk to you again later insyaAllah! Rushing back to school soon :(
    hehehe so fun! I miss my high school days though. It was one of the best times of my life but like you said, lots of peer pressure. If you don't conform, people think you're weird.

    But I am glad to have graduated because I believe the environment isnt exactly the best when you want to be come a better muslimah. So will you be going college after that insyaAllah? :blackhijab:

    I will be graduating end of next year insyaAllah! It feels like 'just a year away' but at this point, everything feels so faraway :[

    Really, your friends said that? Hehehe, I wonder what attracted them to the land of kangaroos and koalas. I don't know about anything special going on here and frankly, if I can, I want to get out here:girl3: Haha do you intend to move to Australia too? ;)

    It is 8am at the moment :D What about you? (I am guessing NIGHT!) :D

    LOL @ 'sister who eats anything spicy'. I hope I don't end up with stomach ulcer down the road :S

    Ahh so nice! California! Are there muslims there? I am residing in Australia at the moment :) Are you studying or already working? I am still a (struggling) student haha. Goodness, I just want to procrastinate now with all the assignments starting to pile up!
    Salaam again sister :)

    Sorry for the late reply :shymuslima1:

    You don't like spicy? Haha, ok our tastebuds are a little different here. I eat almost anything that is really spicy for brekkie, lunch and dinner. And yes, I love california roll too! Is it easy to get sushi in Vietnam?

    I went to vietnam in 02/03 if I can recall correctly and shopping was good! People were really friendly there! The Vietnamese wrap tasted real good too... *salivating* haha.

    I am a born Muslim:) You are a new revert yes? (I saw your thread, so no, I wasn't stalking you hehehe) And what an interesting name- hieuky! For a moment I thought you're Jap :D

    Nice knowing you sis! You seem like an interesting person :hijabi:

    Wow no kidding?!! I am a sushi freak too! I can eat a whole lot of them at one go haha.

    Are you japanese if you dont mind me asking? Your name sounds jap, and actually your nick too :D

    My name is Shahirah actually :) Asha is just my nick!
    Asalaamualaikum wrb Ukhti!

    Hope you are doing well there insyaAllah? :hijabi:

    Anyway, I love food too hehe :) I am quite adventurous so have basically tried a variety of food from different cultures. :shymuslima1:

    What about you? What do you like :) :blackhijab:

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