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  • Ameen to your duas my dear sis. Wa iyyaki
    JazaakiLlahu khayran
    Im off now again to study a bit :( too much thinkings giving me a bad headache lol. alhamduliLlahi ala kulli haal
    Love you! *hugggsss*
    Wa salam
    Wa alaykumu salaam lovely Hieuky!! :)
    LOLLLL well hmmm I didn’t cook but I made the bread!! :D
    Awww mashaAllah noodles? Like plain ones? Or pho (soup lol)??
    MashaAllah you went with your mum to stores. Im pround of you you still covered your head. mashaAllah. You have such strength mashaAllah may Allah give you even more.
    Loll hmmm I think frozen foods taste nice, but home mades better lol I love frozen canellonies though :D:D its been like 4 years I haven’t had them but yeah loll nyways
    Does your mum know u wear hijab? Or does she think u just cover for some reason?
    yeah doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or not, we always have to think that hell is much hotter lol. Reminds me of that woman who once was in the subway and that old lady came up to her and said : aren’t you hot in hijab? The woman replied : yes but hell is hotter lol!
    Wa alaykumu salaam ukhtiii!!

    Awww thank you for your kind words. JazaakiLlahu khayran i really appreciate it. I think im havin some problems in my ear thats why im having vertigo. But alhamduliLlah, whatever i get is ok alhamduliLlahi rabbi.

    yaaaay so you have no school today!!! mashaAllah!! Well i hope you rest and enjoy your day.

    hmmm today i had sandwich with smoked turkey, avocado and tomato i didnt have time to cook in the morning lol thats why, but i made the bread it was yummmy mashaAllah! come come have some inshaAllah :D:D :)

    did you cook? :D

    wa salamu alaykum
    inshaAllah ill come later on msn, i have to study :( my mum keeps telling me off :D
    Waalaykumu salaamu wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu dear and lovely sister!!

    Im ok alhamduliLlahi JazaakiLlahu khayral jaza' for asking. I don't know how it happened suddenly yesterday subhanaAllah. Im sorry i had to go quickly.

    How are you doing??? : )

    BaarakaAllahu fiki for your kind messages i really appreciate it.

    I love you lots (L)
    *big huggggsss*

    wa salamu alaykum :)
    Assalaamu alaykum dear sis! :D:D:D
    hahaha well im kinda obsessed with food but not really :D:D i guess it depends on my mood too!

    Yeesss spring rolls yummm! well...i dont know if u make like those in Vietnam but i know in thailand they do, its with fish sauce u know it? because i know chinese dont put fish sauce in it! nyways lollll i talk too much about food :D

    Tell me about you ukhti, what u spending your weekend doing? inshaAllah i hope ur well and everythings well in ur side :)

    take care
    wa salam
    Wa'alaykum salaaam! =D

    ok, yeh pls make du'a for me ukhti :)
    Aameen to your dua

    New..? Nothing much really... just the usual lol and wat bout ur end?
    Assalaamu alaykum lovely sis!!

    Wa anti min ahli ljaza'!! yummm yumm noodles? mashaallah
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL rofl :D:D im not that obsessed with food just jokin and exageratin :D:D as i always doo!!
    baarakaAllahu fik for all the ice cream u sent :D i ate it all yummmmmmm !! I want to send u lots too (i just dont know how LOLLL) :D:D
    nyways sis im off now inshaAllah mum wants spring rolls so i better make them now :D:D:D

    take caaare!! mwah!! *big hugggsss*

    wa salammm
    Assalaamu alaykum deaar hieukkyyy!! :)

    ameen to your du'as. JazaakiLlahu khayral jaza;. You're in my duas too inshaAllah!

    Yes lol exams even if im done with school. Its final years exams and i have to pass them if i want to go to uni inshaAllah. otherwise im staying at college which i hope wont happen bi idhni Llah lol. :D:D

    oh wow college begins quite early at your place. Heres its around the 24th of august, but uni inshaAllah in september. yeeeeey! :D:D:D

    hmmm what u eating sis!!?? ive just had some bread with chocolate spread its soooooo yum i was dying there lol :D:D:D:D

    inshaAllah one day ill learn sign language :D and also some other languages i hope inshaAllah i love languages and discovering people, travelling..wowwiiie :D:D

    inshaAllah speak to u soon ukhtiiii
    take care of yourself
    lots of loveeeeee (L)

    wa salammm
    Wa'alykum salaaam :)
    just exams stress lol, sorry if i sounded rude or harsh sister :redface:

    i sound bluee? lol, no no im fine Alhumdulillah
    hows u?
    Assalaaamu alaykum my deaaar sister!!

    Awww mashaAllah you have a beautiful story. Well may Allah guide us all to the right path. JazaakiLlahu khayran for telling me about your reversion.

    Yes please please :D:D:D:D i want ice cream!! :D:D:D

    im already done with school :D but i have exams in 1 week inshaAllah thats the only thing :D
    when do u start college inshaAllah??

    lol i speak arabic and french as a mother tongue, english i learnt it hmmm by myself and at school lol, i also do some italian at school (mamma mia!! :D:D) i know hindi/urdu and bengali sisters teach me words in bangla :D:D:D thats all!! I used to know some spanish but forgot it :D inshaAllah one day ill learn it well its quite close to italian so must not be difficult inshaAllah!!

    Aah inshaAllah sis ill be going now i have to study :( please make duas for me :D:D:D
    It was great speakin to you on msn inshaAllah we will speak soon
    assalamu alaykum my sweet sister!!

    JazaakiLlahu khayran. Inshaallah i hope ill be able to go back to oman one day, but i think im toooooooooo sensitive and too nostalgic thats why i keep weeping when memories are brought back LOL im still a baby i guess

    when do u finish school inshaAllah!!??

    yummmmyyyy vietnamese food i love spring rolls!! yummmooo!! but i cant actually go to restaurants here its not halal :( haha inshallah when i go to morocco ill ceeertainly go to a vietnamese restaurant and have lots of foood!! :D :D

    So you speak vietnamese and english? What other languages u speak sis?

    LOLLL :D:D:D im not to be blamed loll u begann with baking!! joking lol but yeah u can blame me loll im always talkin about food LOL!!

    im gonna send u my msn by pm inshaAllah!! :D
    take caaare!!

    wa salammm
    Oh lol so ur still taking the culinary arts class?
    I made lime-yogurt moist cake itssss yuuuuuuuuumm mashaAllah im sending you loootss!!
    So you eat Vietnamese food at ur house? I love asian food, especially general tso's chicken if you know what I mean!! LOL

    Can't wait to reaaad your next message sis!!
    InshaAllah you take care of yourself!
    Amen to your du'as and may Allah al wadood love you

    I love you sooo much fiLlah (L)

    Wa salamm dear sis!!
    Assalamu alaykum ukhti hieuky!! : )

    Lolll no no I have no talents sis but alhamdulillah loll!
    Yeah lol bio-far-ma-ceu-ti-kal LOLL!! InshaAllah I hope I will do well its not easy LOL im a lazy giirll (well am I still a girl? Lol)
    inshaAllah I would love to go back to oman but I think that for my studies I better stay here. I wish I could go back I keep such beautiful memories from the year I spent there, I cant forget it and keep rememberin it subhanaAllah. That’s also because I kept in touch with one of my schoolmates…well she's more a friend loll so when we talk on msn I just miss it and wish I could go back to that school with her we were so naughty subhanaAllah lol we would have so much fun because it wasn’t a normal school but like home-schooling if you know what I mean.
    InshaAllah maybe one day I can live there. I hope so inshaAllah.
    So youre still taking culinary arts classes? That’s nice mashaallah what do u learn to cook lol?

    Awww thanks for the sushiii (L) yummmmmmmy its deliiciious :D:D:D
    Ill bake some lemon moist muffins this afternoon inshaAllah and I shall send youuuuuuu a batchhhh!! :D

    Ok take careee my deaaaaaar sister
    I lovee youuuu!!
    Biggggg hugsss!
    Ameen to your du'a and may Allah protect you too always!!

    Wa salammm
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