Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


daughter of Adam
whenever you are troubled
and lost i n despair
bundle up your troubles
and go to Allah in prayer
don,t tell your neighbor
your companion or ur friend
but go directly to Allah
for on him you can depend
do not pause and wonder
when you kneel down to pray
can Allah really hear?????
the prayers that you say
just open your eyes
and open your heart
and you will feel
worries and cares depart
prayers are the stairs
you must clime everyday
if u want to reach the allah :tti_sister:
there is no other way


Fixing da foundation
Assalamualaikum - thank you for this nice poem, May Allah swt bless you :)



make dua 4 ma finals
Assalamu Alaikum!

MashaAllah, ZadakaAllah! beautiful! tabarakaAllah

Allah hafiz NOW and ALWAYS ukhti fiAllah:)


Muslim Unity...
wow MashaAllah that was so beautiful sister:)
jazakallahu khaiyr for shariing
May Allah bless you :tti_sister:


daughter of Adam

wa alicom asalam.
jazakallah all of u .May allah give success my brothers and sisters in every part of life.Ameen.
ur sincere sister