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  • I'm feeling okay, just trying to get over what happened with my dad, I had fun at a Bollywood Party with some hijabis lol. It was great! :D How are you Esperanza?
    salam aleikum my esperanza, i missed you, how are you ? i am so tired after houndreds of fakturas i made today that i forget even about my depresion :) :( may Allah be with you
    Assalamu alaikim dear sister, I believe nowadays depression is part of our life ....we should accept it .....and try our best to refresh our faith....I am sure every harm touch a muslem is for his/her own good .....May Allah forgive all of us.
    no , you didnt told me he is in london, i wish you all blessings, good night, salam aleikum my dear esperanza
    yes my husband works long hours and weekends...my sons are good hamdillah ..one is in london ithink itold you
    ahm, it was very short, i cant belive tomorow i have to get up again to go work :( , i love to stay home, i spend my time most at computer, i dont have TV in my room since Ramadan, hamdullilah, even i like to watch Discovery`s chanels, it is better this way. Today mom sended me some food, ..one friend ordered some pins and other accesorise for hijab on internet, for her and me..even if at work i dont weare hijaab...well...inchallah will come the day to weare all the time..and your week-end ?
    Do you want to hear a joke / may Allah forgive me if i say something wrong :

    There was a poor man, who hade a donkey and he didnt hade much food to give to the donkey. He made a plan, he said: i`ll give the donkey less and less every day to eat.
    And he did so. Less every day from the little that he had. Here camed the days when he feed his donkey with nothing, for days he gave nothing, he didnt hade more food. One day the donkey died. And our man said to himself; ohhh...just when i educated the donkey to not eat, he died. :D what a coincidence :p
    salam aleikum, hamdullilah.....i was reading..about love of Allah swt, how are you ?
    wa 'likum salam dear sister.today my last daughter is 4 months old.how fast the time passes!I have nothing to complain,I hope you're all right.
    i am sorry, inchallah you will be better soon, Allah is with you :)......i go now, do some cleaning, eat something..the usual...enjoyng my loneliness :( see you soon, inchallah
    salam aleikum, good morning to you too my dear sister, i hope you are well, inchallah
    wa aleikum salam my dear sister, i hope so to inchallah, well not so much sleep maybe,i exagerated, but at least stay in home, alhamdullilah..nice to see you
    salam aleikum, good morning dear sister, i hope you are good, inchallah

    i miss you when you are not here. Salam
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