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  • LOL you could have just said your bengali, it would have been very obvious :) Ma shaAllah same here. We probably even met before loool ;) But in shaAllah we go out for a munch one day. I am taking a guess your from the tower hamlets ends lol :p
    "Akhi your page comment box has mysteriously disappeared." Hehe lol akh ;) I don't why its soo l0o0o0ol perhaps its for exclusives :p lol nah messin around with u akhi. How you been today??? And where in UK you from bro??
    Lol akhi you replied to me by posting in your own profile, which means I do not know if you replied to me or not :p Nonetheless I am fine alhamdulillah
    Umar ibn Abdul Azeez (rahimahullah said) :

    "Become a scholar if you are able.
    If you are not able, then be a student.
    If you can not, then show love for them.
    If you are unable to do that, then (at least) do not hate them."

    I hope Allah accepts me as a student oneday Inshaalllah
    As salaamu 'alaikkum akhi, how are you??? I love your username, i think its because I love the shaykh (rahimullah) :p
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