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  • Allhamdullilah I am also fine thanks for asking akhi, were you maybe fasting?? Cuz sometimes you get headache while fasting ??? but Allhamdulilah its over :)
    Ah, never mind, all i mean is the hanbali madhab is closest to the sunnah, so if someone would wanna do taqleed on a madhab so desperately, then I would prolly direct them towards the hanbali madhab :D
    LOL ;) nah you know how it is, most of the the fiqh issues are taken from the hanbali fiqh, and this is kinda known and obvious. Though I wouldnt call myself a hanbali, I can say that most of what we follow, from the way we pray, etc. is from the hanbali fiqh ;)
    Wa 'alaikkumus salaam wa rahmathullah, I read from all over the place, but the book I usally refer to is Shaykh Salih Al Fawzaan's book (Islamic Jurisprudence). Its mainly because he does not really quote many differences of opinion and most of the stuff on his book is pretty basic stuff ma shaAllah. He (hafidhullah) mostly brings the opinion of the hanbali fiqh (which i am very much inclined towards ;) and is the closest to the sunnah)
    I see, Masah'Allah. Nice to meet you, brother. :)

    See you around and hoping to learn from you(r posts), Insha'Allah.
    Ya'ni i dont too :p Lol yes it does mean that... and yes leyton sixth form does have a good islamic society and ma shaAllah it was good when i was there. I do not know much now, cos the brothers have not contacted me or anything yet. But yeah its a good area though.
    Taqabalallah minna wa minkum, erm I don't know about that, went there once and it was nice, oh well I have changed my mind to chicken cottage now :p lol
    Asalam alikum EID MUBARAK :)
    Wa-alaykum-us-Salaam wa'Rahmatullaah,

    It is from the Islamic Creed Series by Umar Sulaymaan Abdullaah al-Ashqaar (who from my knowledge was one of the students of Shaykh Naasir-ud-deen al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah).

    The particular book is called, Belief in Allah (subhaanahu wa ta'aala) Volume 1. You can purchase it from Darussalam I think.

    Jazaaka'Allaahu Khayr and Eid Mubarak brother.
    Ah you don't know meds??? Its around mile end. Its very nice, but a bit expensive. Well expensive for me atleast ;)
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