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  • So where's the proof for that my brother?
    I just read about female prophets in islam in a shocking takfiri website. Ibn Hazm said there were female prophets but most of the scholars didn't agree with him.

    Anyway I do not think there's no need for proof. As far as i know there were many prophets more than 24.000.. only 25 prophets were mentioned by name, some say samuel was a prophet as well though, none of them were female mentioned as 25 prophets.
    I see. Yep I know. Every prophet was not a messenger, but every messenger was a prophet. Just like every muslim is not mu'min but every mu'min is a Muslim:)
    Salam alaykum
    Have you asked about the female messengers? How weird to say Rasûlillâh though.... i think thats how we say it in Arabic..
    What's with challenging tone akhi.i'll check the thread but since when is asking Questions forbidden!!

    Jazakallah khair.

    :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu..
    I am glad to hear everything is going good, alhamduillah.

    I ask Allah to grant you success in your classes and in everything else, and to bless you, ameen! :D

    I will try to come here more often, inshallah. :)
    As-salam 'alakum, brother? How have you been?
    I appoligize for not responding to your Ramadan greeting, I have not logged in for a long time and I just noticed it. :(
    Lol, I can imagine doing Qur'aan in Bdesh, cos I see how bad it is in india, so I guess it is equally that bad. Is your school thing available for girls too? Or only boys? Cos I am looking for a good place to send my little sister to.
    Yeah, hes also Imam of Masjid Bukharii in Madeenah.

    Yeah, I went secondary school here. I did Quran in Bdesh. After i came back we kinda moved to London from Swansea( South Wales), but its not permanent.

    I would never recommend anyone to do hifz in Bdesh, you will suffer in national curriculum, and your Arabic wont improve at all.

    Egypt is better.
    Maa shaa'Allaah, amazing voice. Didn't know he was a prof at Madinah University :)

    Btw never heard of this centre- DarulUmmah, seems new to me. Is this were you studied Qur'aan and that?
    Same here, Uni doesn't start till about the last week of september, so I went on a holiday to india. Well the Imaams here have a very odd indian accent while reciting Qur'aan. Who is this shaykh? Any recordings of his?

    P.S What college you going to?
    ramadan mubarak !! Akhi I am sorry for the late raply I have been off for a while, hows ramadan going??
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