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  • *puts on straw hat* look at me! I'm Loopy! I'm gonna be a great pirate! lol :biggrin: Puh-lease!!
    Aww I remember watching "One Peice"--not my favorite show. I liked that wierd guy in the straw hat lol I don't think it comes on anymore though :(
    "Hey ....you don't have Japan? I`m pretty sure there are Japanese Muslims.

    I would vote Japan and I would also vote the character to play a pirate."

    LOL mashaAllah!! I didn't know you liked Muslim pirates.

    Hehe pilage for cheesecake lol :biggrin:
    Tell me more about these empires please... interesting... What is that though? lol sailing through the open sky... lol :)
    wa alaikum salam,

    go to User CP, then edit details (on right hand side), then Optional Information.

    then u can change frm 'junior member' to any quote you like. hope it helps bro. :)
    Salaamu 'alaykkum, ow craaaap i just realized this is GCSE. LOL I forgot all the mode stuff :cool: I will have to look at your GCSE Statistics book, so that I can explain to you.
    <<< Standard deviation
    [IMG]<<<< spearman's rank coefficient.

    The standard deviation measures the spread of the data about the mean value. It is useful in comparing sets of data which may have the same mean but a different range.

    Spearman's rank correlation coefficient allows you to identify easily the strength of correlation within a data set of two variables, and whether the correlation is positive or negative (whether the slope of the corresponding line is positive or negative).
    ow ok ma shaa Allaah, thats good to hear, and may Allaah accept from your actions.

    You can ask me anytime if you want, and in shaa Allaah I will help you out *smile*
    Wa 'alaykkumus salaam wa rahmatullaah. How are you akhi? Long time... I just reconfirmed with a hanbali brother, who said that it is obligatory to say it atleast once, and that is what he learnt from 'umdatul fiqh
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