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  • :salam2: DEAR AUNT....

    I some times feel a gap between you and me..:( for an unknown reason

    May be I am missing you..:girl3:

    Any ways, plz do remember me in your Dua's and I pray that you should be protected always..:tti_sister:

    What else I can give you, other than some thing which I love the most...

    Yes I give flowers to the people whom I love for the sake of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL,,

    and this is for you.... as you are far way,,,
    if you were here, I would have given some fresh roses from my granny's garden :)lol:)

    By faaraa at 2010-12-05

    Hope you would accept...:shymuslima1:

    FEE AMANILLAH:hearts:
    As salam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Aapa,

    I tried sending you a message but it says you have exceeded your storage. Could you please clear up so that I can send this message. I need advice and help. JazakAllahu Khair.
    oh sister..i am so happy, that ur okay.i thought after that thread regarding sister jengiove..you might be hating, or thinking im a very bad person..i realized that i did a mistake..i hope u forgive any way..:(...jazakallah khair
    So while something might be against the wish of a human being, if it is against the wish of Allaah then Allaah has more right to have his law followed than it being ignored publicly. Obviously personal sins that have no real/intended public impact are different and are between oneself and their Lord...

    For more info since I don't wanna go wrong and am new to these issues myself, I suggest you read up on the issue of takleef in Usool ul-Fiqh, a science that accompanies fiqh, with Ash-Shafi`ee being the first to author on this topic. I know it's long (looks like a whole book), but this might help.

    As-salaamu `alaykum

    I didn't want to digress discussion so I thought I'd mention this here...

    "How can a woman be forced to cover her face. That is against the wishes of a human being..if one is coereced it is oppression and Islam is the liberator. Noone is to be oppressed."

    Just as Abu Bakr forced Zakaah on the people who with-held and even swore to Allaah that'd he'd fight them, if the judiciary of a country believes that the niqaab is waajib, then that has to be implemented, even if via force. So while no doubt, encouragements and a person's own will and determination are far better and lead to great reward, the govt. maintain the right to enforce the obligations - and as far as I've learnt, this has to be done in upholding and venerating Allaah's commands (given that niqaab is believed to be waajib of course).
    :salam2: DEAR AUNT..:)


    Hope every thing is fine with you, Aunt..:)

    FEE AMMANILLAH:):hearts::hearts::hearts:
    Salaamlaykum waa rahmatullahi,

    I think you got part of my answer in my response to sister Tabassum's thread about TSA.
    yes sister, now this i can agree on...I think over thinking just kills, it has killed me alot during test in university and high school :(

    (p.s. your pm box is full)
    :wasalam: AUNT..:shymuslima1:

    JAZAKALLAHU KAHIR for the kind words..:shymuslima1::hearts::hearts:

    FEE AMAILLAH:hearts:

    Can I call you "AUNT" with love??
    I realized that you are a matured MOTHER or AUNT very recently :shymuslima1:
    I mean I didn't know that..

    Any ways... I love you Aunt for the sake of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL:hearts::hearts:

    And this is to say EID MUBARAQ TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES..:)

    By faaraa at 2010-11-15


    By faaraa at 2010-11-15

    FEE AMANILLAH:hearts:
    Salam sister,

    long time no talk eh? Whats going on? So university is fun....(but too much repetitive work) anyway I watched event horizon..awesome movie, but it doesn't like change my aspiration or anything, its different and confusing just like before.....like :lol:
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