What's your degree or education background?


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First of all, I think this a most interesting thread & its gives me so much sollace that Masha'Allah so many of us here are striving to educate ourselves. Insha'Allah if we can continue to learn & apply that to better understanding of Islam as well, that would make us victorious Insha'Allah. :)

Im an accountant working full time. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree & currently studing for ACCA (Associate of Chartered Certified Accountant). I JUST HOPE I FINISH IT ONE DAY AS I THINK ITS BLOODY HARD! :SMILY176:


same brother i am doing my CA[charteerd accountant] in india and its hardset but with the grace of god i have completed one part of it and remaning is yet to complete dua for me i will complete it with in three years insahallah


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Salam alykoum :)

I've finished Pedagogy Elementary Education and English (Bachelor of Arts Diploma), and I'm studying the same, but Master of Arts level. I'm going to graduate from University 2010 inshaAllah :) I'm going to be a teacher in kindergarten and primary school (all subjects + Ebglish) inshaAllah :)
I've been working with kids as a private teacher :) Elhamdolellah :)


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wow really great to see we have such a broad base. there is knowledge here of every kind :)
I myself study history at the University of Amsterdam. Unfortunately some problems in the situation with my father caused a gap of a year in which I could hardly study at all, so I'm a bit behind now...... but happily started the second-year-subjects this year and filled my time last year with 'subjects of choice' (don't know how to translate it correctly) and working. I hope to become a teacher of history one day insh'Allah :)


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Salam Alekum

I will be done with my AS and AA degree in Biology , International relation and speech communication. InshAllah i will be doing my BS for Biology and BA for Global Affair and minoring in speech communication.. I hope 2 become a doctor and also diplomat..


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Waleikum Salam!

I have just finished my degree in Hotel Management, but it has been difficult to find a good apprenticeship or first job in my own country. I hope one day i'll take a master's degree as well inshaAllah.


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Salaam 'Alaikum,

MashaAllah an interesting thread.
I have recently completed a PGCE. My academic background was in English and Philosophy.

was salaam


Allah is merciful

I'm 20 now, and im currently studying Biotechnology and Food engineering in HAMK, University of Applied Sciences :) Inshallah, will finish my studies in 4 years.



salam from pakistan!
i am a veterinarian and university teacher after completing my postgraduation in Pharmacology. now i am busy in my PhD research. alhamdulillah.


salam from pakistan!
find professionals!

assalamo alaikum!
any person here who is a veterinarian or university teacher. i want to have friendship with him or her.


Fear Allah

currently doing higher nitec in Mechanical Engineering under Product Design. Insya Allah I will graduate next year around march.


salam from pakistan!
i am a pharmacologist and university assistant professor in a veterinary university in pakistan.


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Im sure I seen quite a few individuals say that they do mech engineering here...

Can anyone suggest an exciting final year mechanical engineering project?
(Sorry for being of topic here)


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walaikums salam wr wb

You can do some robotics project(industrial robotic arm with some special features). You may do some project on unmanned aerial vehicle(just a simple prototype for undergrad school project). I am sure you will find some open source project on UAV

JazakALLAHU khairan


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Assaalamualykum dear,

I did Aircraft Maintenance Engineering with 83.90% alhamdulillah,
Now looking for a job,plz do remember me in your du'as.
Jazak-Allahu (in Advance)


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I want to become a mid-wife inshAllah.

We need Muslim women in the maternity ward. May God help us.



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I passaed Bsc.(Hons) Animal husbandry in 1982 and Msc.Poultry Husbandry in 1986.
All the digrees are useless. Best degree is knowladge of Quran. I am trying to get this degree now at the age of 52.