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  • *** Eid Mubarak to you, sister***

    Insha’Allah may it be a great Eid filled with health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family and for all the Muslims (Ameen)

    Wasalamu alaykum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu
    Regarding the editing bit..I may help you can direct me to the replies and I will make the adjustments for you...the easiest way to do it is to locate the number of the thread (on the top right) on it..and the reply will show up in a link all by itself (like it does in my closing reply)...but the closing is final..sorry!

    Ukhti..baraka Allaho need to understand that rules are rules...and the decisions we as mod make..are final..and they're representative of TTI...opening and closing threads upon requests..will just make a mockery of TTI rules and our image as mods keeping this forum organized and functioning smoothly..I apologize as I will not be able to cater to your request yet again...and it is *for the best*

    The rule still persists...if I allow you to post..then I might as well keep the thread open and allow others to do the same..and then soon everyone with a closed thread or a reply in mind will ask for the same's a matter of being fair..respecting the rules..and accepting the fact that the topic became *overrated*..thus..its closing

    I hope you will understand ukhti

    MODERATORS WORD FINAL IN ALL CASES <-- the very last rule in the forum rules..

    I am sorry..but I won't be able to cater to your request..should you have a matter to may contact the person involved through PM or VM..baraka Allaho feeki

    Jazaki Allah khair ukhti!...inshallah I will be up to the role given to me...take good care of yourself..and thank you again

    + we should remember that we arent doing Allah(swt) a favour by entering Islam.....its actually Allah(swt) doing us a favour by saving us from hell fire ........non muslims mite not like it but then they can accept the death punishment for treaty but not for Islam?......thats wat u call the dajjal system i think.....anything said by Allah(swt) humans cant accept but if its dont by human beings then accepted....
    well lets c if uve been to singapore they say if u r caught with drugs it is the death penalty ...obey it and enter singapore or ur not allowed to well thats jz a country what about if it is the lord of all mankind??......
    One of the strangest things to note is that we are living in a time when some of the Muslims are embarrassed to quote the verses and ahaadeeth on jihad in front of their kaafir friends. Their faces turn red because they are too shy to mention the rulings on the jizyah, slavery and killing prisoners of war. They wish that they could erase these verses and ahaadeeth from the Qur’aan and Sunnah so that they would not be criticized by this world with its backward principles despite its claims to be civilized. If they cannot erase them then they try to misinterpret them and distort their meanings so that they suit the whims and desires of their masters. I will not say so that they suit their whims and desires, for they are too weak to have their own whims and desires, and too ignorant. Rather it is the whims and desires of their masters and teachers among the missionaries and colonialists, the enemies of Islam.”

    ‘Umdat al-Tafseer, 1/46.
    and u mite b asking im talking so much but wat have i done?....well ur rite i can only talk thanks to the demotivation and demoralisation and not to mention *respected people* hiding the whole Islam jz to make it look super duper cool.....i dont remember the Prophet Muhammad(saw) hiding parts of Islam to make it look extra good ......all authentic but it seems some people jz take wat they like and reject the rest........and we talk bout reformation.......yeah lets c i think ill b reformed in like 20 years....and in thos 20 years i do a sin then ill extend it to 30 years.....LOL wat a laughint stock......its called *wahan*- love for this world so u have to make excuses
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