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  • assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ..sister in islam..
    Eid Mubarak, Taqabal Allaahu Minna wa Minkum !!
    مشكورة على طلب الصداقة يا عسل
    مسكت وردة و قعدت أنتف فيها .. أقبل ما أقبل أقبل ما أقبل
    طبعاً أمزح ههههههههه
    شلون كان عيدكم بمصر ؟ :)
    Asalaam alikum sister, EID MUBARAK :)

    wa Alaikum slaam wr wb:D:D

    hey YES I BEAT U!!! now u cryin lol
    KIDDING sis, inshaAllah next time u'll have a better luck;)
    dont be sad always:D:D:D:D coz this sis NEVER gets mad at her own sisters over lil things:D my loveis too great for u :D:D:D
    hahaha yea dont listen to me coz I start eating sweeeeets the night b4 EID lol
    oh I jst came from last min shopping! got myself two beautiful abaayas and two khimars:D:D:D:D
    iam super excited for EID:D:D:D:D:D
    I am not a "shoe person" lol
    inshaAllah will tell u wat the sweets I eat wen I come in here soon:D
    love u ukhti :D:D:D:D:D
    mwaaahhss n huggies
    :D no sis im moroccan...not omani :D:D but my family is there so i go to see them :D:D i looooooooove oman :eek: :D

    hahahaha wowwww sis, nice guess :D yep im 19...too old eh? :D even sis Asma started calling me nani (grandma) :D:D
    inshaAllah yes i hope days will pass quickly...wonderfully not sure :D going to school isnt...hmm...very nice :D
    but alhamdulillah :D

    love you siisss
    eid mubaarak
    what are you doing on eid btw? :D
    any lamb? :D
    Erm actually I think New Castle is kinda far..a couple of hours? Does your cousin just study there?

    Free for a week..?! Ah I'm jealous :p

    I think I understand..what does ajmal mean? Just to make sure lol :D

    Yes InshAllah it will 7abibti, do go to the masjid in Masr?

    Eid Mubarak!!! :hearts:

    May Allah SWT bestow His infinite mercy of you and your family and may you have a fantastic Eid. Ameen. :)
    assalaamu alaykum sis :D:D

    jumuah and eiid mubaaaarak to u and all ur loved ones :hearts:
    hahaha if i would melt if i went to cairo? hmmm not sure :D:D but if theres no AC id barely survive :D:D i go to oman sometimes during the summer and ouuuchh i can barely stay outside :D:D

    which smiley sis? :D:D this one ==> :eek: ? :D its eek :D:D
    i still have 2.5 years at uni :(:( :eek: sad huh? :D:D:D:D it means 2.5 years of more prison :( :D

    love u siss
    wa slaaaaaam
    الله يسعد قلبك ياااارب
    مي تووو أحبك أوي
    عيدك سعيد

    جبتوا الخروف ? :p
    Assalamu alaikum sisss:D:D:D:D
    hey no salaam after that one salaammm!! *shame on me*
    I hope u r alright!
    I thot I wud passs by n say salaam and wish u a haaaaaaaaappyyy EIDDDD!!!:D
    dont eat lotttss of swwwwweeeeeeeeeeettsss !!! (look who is tellin u ) ahahaha
    tc and hope u is fine:D
    Allah be with u alwaayss!!!!
    huggiess n mwaaahss:D
    ur sis:D
    قريت كلامك
    أفا عليك أنا أكرهك ؟ :(
    أنا كتكوتة و قلبي و طيب و أحب الناس :D
    دووونت ووري يو كان ترانسليت ات فور هير lol
    LOL, forgive you? Oh pur-lease :D No worries mate :) its cool :cool: Lol

    I know how you mean man... sometimes you just cant be bothered innit Lol it happens to em very often :D haha!

    man! i still dont know what she said to me :D LOL *Whispers: maybe you can PM to me the answer :D* hahahahahahah!

    We're on hliday at the moment :) but SOsoSOso much homewrok! Lol.. hardly a holiday lol

    Tc, have a good Edi and make dua for my family and I :D

    Love u
    Wassalaam :):)
    Walaykumasalaam! No need to apologise, walah it's cool :)
    Yes, InshAllah, i'll have to do istikhara to make my final decision. Yeah, studying Islam would be sooo much fun! InshAllah!!!!

    Awww, sister that is too kind of you, walah you made me smileee, jezakAllah khair, it'd be great to meet up with you! InshAllah ;)
    But dont think i'm going anytime soon, maybe in a year or so inshAllah. :) And if you ever wanna see yorkshire....:D

    Being excited is goood! Mash'Allah, maybe the Eid feeling is getting to you..? :D

    Lol, I don't know a great deal, just what i picked up from my friends and i'm pretty sure the dialects are different.

    Erm ok lets start easy...kafal haal?? Oh and btw....'anti jamiila :D
    خلاص كل ما تسمعيه أفتكريني و ادعيلي
    أحبك الله الذي أحببتني فيه
    و أنا كمان أحبك يا مهاوي
    أها قصدك حلاوة العيد
    ايووووووووووة نشتري حلويات كثير و شوكولاتات كثيرة
    يم يم أول ما أهلي يجيبوها حسوي هجوووم ههههههههه
    باكل عني و عنك مهاوي هههه
    أي وحدة اسمها مها أدلعها مهاوي ان شاء الله يعجبك دلعي ؟:p
    الله يبارك فيكِ
    و الله يجعل أيامك كلها سعادة
    فديتك يالغلا
    مافهمت البونبوني ؟؟؟ امكن احنا هنا نستخدم لها معنى آخر ؟
    عالعموم اذا اشتريناه بجيبلك لا تخافي :d

    خلاص اتكلمي انكليزي اهون من العربية بالحروف اللاتينية
    قعدت وقت طويل عبال مافهم ههههههه
    الحمد لله أنا بخير
    مبروووك عليكم الاجازة
    احنا الحمد لله مأجزين من أسبوع
    و لسا باقيلنا إجازة أسبوع
    كل عام و أنت بخير يا عسل
    تشرفت بمعرفتك مها
    btw , I don't like using English while taking with Arabs :p

    نعتز بلغتنا
    و لا تغششي أسوووم ترا أزعل :p
    I cought you Asma :p
    you are trying to cheat from Maha hehe :p
    مها لا تغششيها لانو فيه تحدي بيناتنا على شي هههههه

    Oh I started my 1st msg here by a fight ! what a bad girl :p to be polite :

    Hello Maha , how are u InshAllah kuwayesh ?

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