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  • Waalaykum Salaam sis :)

    Lol, oh man.. anyway, when I saw your message, it was about 6am! So I was in a bit of a daze when I replied :)

    At least I got to talk to you before I left for school todayyyy! Good luck for presentation yea? Tell me how it went

    (p.s. I hope to hear that you got a standing ovation for the awesome presentation! If not, I'll just clap for you from here heh)
    lol... im meant to be sleeping ayyeee

    but i hav taken the laptop with me lol.. im under the duvets so ev1 gets that impression lol
    Yeah very intersting :)

    i think im gona be off sis
    im sooo tired lol

    u just woke up and i think im gona sleep now lol
    loOoOoOoll... hes just my bro sis lol chill :D
    cat... any1 hav a cat avatar? :tongue:

    woke up.. Aaww.. good morning :)
    congrats on ur graduations day in advance lol :D

    Alhumdulillah im well :
    how are you?
    Wa'alaykum salaam

    happy cows loOoOoOoll.....hahahaha...... each page it's filled with different things lol, last night was a cow night lol :D
    tonight.. we'll see lol
    How are you ?

    Hope ur well, as they say "live and kicking" lol
    loOoOoOoll... yeh i am lol :D
    im going now lol, luvya take care

    Make du'aa for me pls

    participate with tti alot....? i dont think so, lol, not too much, but lately yes, not normally lol :D
    haahahahha.....'m so strange if i post anything and they will not respond, haha.
    lOoOoOoOll.... atleast they'll only think... people KNOW im strange lol :D
    i dont get much responses either, lol.. so snaps ! lol :D

    Alhumdulillah im well, and urself? :)
    slept 3 tyms that means lol.... ur a sleepy head? lol :D
    are u not well,?
    barakAllah feek sis :]

    1,000 :redface: i feel wierd wen peope notice it lol
    is there any way that i can hide that?! lol
    dont worry ull catch up soon enough ;)

    hey congrats on making it to 100 posts :)
    Hope to see more in the future :) they put a smile on my face for sure
    Wa'alaykum salaam, JazakAllah khair, :)
    yours in super cOoOoOoll aswell :) MashaAllah Ta'ala

    lol.... jazakAllah khair for posting that sis.. it made my day extra super cool lol :D :D

    *same hugs to you too, only with ten times the love ;) *

    Take care
    Wassalaam :)
    lol.... Nope.. no waaayyy.. lol :D lol

    Hey im off to bed now.. its 1:00 here :O loOoooll.. ur fav smily lol :D
    love u sis

    Take care inshaAlah :)
    make du'aa for me

    Wassalaam :)
    *gigantic hippo hugs*
    loOoOoOoll.. sorry im not going to accept anyting... you're my sister, how can i take money off you? loOoOoll :D

    Yaayy! snappss.. Two hippo rooms loOoooll :D
    Yup i love love the colour pink...please take the honours.. u can have my bedroom of charge lol :D P.s. its a box room ;) lOoOoll.. but its only my room, so no boys dare come in lol :D

    U like green? Aaww.... MashaAllah, i like it too, but not my fav colour :)

    loOoOoll.. the hippos lol.. haha.. ok ok.. i will lol :D
    ur bedroom is white....? Whoa. i hope u guys move into your house soon enough inshAllah and u have ur own greeeen bedroom inshaALLAH :D
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